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Gene Shuey 1

Gene Shuey 2

Gene Shuey, Master Gunsmith and Instructor for American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) holding one of his custom 1911s shown at the 2017 SHOT Show.

Gene is now using Cammer Hammers and our full Ignition Kits as installed in the example above and below.




Shuey Custom represents almost five decades of custom gun building and competition. Gene Shuey is a world class custom gun builder, a former world class competitive shooter and current trainer as well. Along with people such as Jeff Cooper, Ray Chapman, Thel Reed, Jack Weaver, Eldon Carl and John Phlane, Gene helped create, develop and produce the current handgun shooting sports we see at ranges across the United States today. Gene continues to teach people interested in shooting sports, gunsmithing and the world of bodybuilding.

Note: Gene Shuey, former U.S. Marine also won Mr. America in 1960 and placed second for the Mr. Universe contest in 1962.

Shuey Custom Guarantee

Shuey Custom guns are hand built to levels of perfection that few gunsmiths have ever achieved in the last fifty years. Shuey Custom guns are precisely designed and constructed to meet state of the art engineering specifications and fully tested prior to our customers taking delivery. Our parts and materials are the very finest available today. For these reasons, all Shuey Custom guns are guaranteed for the life of the pistol.

Shuey Custom Vision

To continue being the premiere source of the world's finest handguns for the most discriminating shooters. Shuey Custom will pursue its' excellence in handgun perfection and continue to provide only the finest and most reliable handguns to Special Ops, Intelligence and Civilian professionals who can't afford failure.

Visit Gene Shuey at WWW.SHUEYCUSTOM.COM.


After installing the Cammer Hammer in his personal 1911, Arnel Bernardo, Rock Island’s Master Gunsmith, wrote:

I tested a pistol with CAMMER HAMMER. Recoil reduced because the force on the hammer is on the upper and traditional hammer design is low.  I normally blend FIRING PIN STOP on my custom gun to transfer the contact and the force will be high.  The same logic as CAMMER HAMMER.  I highly recommend this CAMMER HAMMER.


150 N. SMART WAY, 



Bruce, your "matched" ignition  kit was absolutely perfect. Everything exceeded my expectations. The SS hammer really adds class! Always trust your gut!

I examined and installed all parts last Sunday. My RIA FS TAC Ultra 45 acp successfully passed all safety checks. Operation is superb. I put 250+ rounds downrange today. Performance was exhilarating, flawless and more fun than I can describe.

IMHO, partnering with EGW was brilliant.

Your kit is one of the VERY best upgrades that I have made to my armory! Thank you for providing this exceptional product at a very affordable price.

I will strongly recommend, without reservation, your kit to friends, family and my Brothers in Arms.

God Bless.

-- BKM Jr
LCDR, USN (Retired)



Hi guys,

Thought I’d drop you a note on the install and testing of your ignition kit. Please feel free to use any part of this email as a testimonial; edit as you wish. There is no part that can be “taken out of context”.

First, thanks for the conversations with Bruce leading up to the purchase. The information, as well as cautionary advice that “not all guns conform to Browning’s specs”, was balanced by your no-BS satisfaction guarantee. I felt I was in good hands.

I installed the Ignition Kit in my SIG 1911 STX which, although it had a decent trigger out of the box, had room for improvement. The full size SIG has Browning dimensions where it counts, and there were no problems installing the mainspring, mainspring cap, titanium hammer strut, disconnector and sear from EGW. All EGW parts are excellent as you know. Likewise the Cammer Hammer itself. Beautiful crisp finish. The hammer/sear were matched as stated, with the sear engagement surface having as good a two angle job as one might get from a good ‘smith. Although no “parts kit” should ever be considered a “drop in”, this was as close as it gets! In fact I didn’t have to fit any of your parts, just the thumb safety/sear interface (I added a Wilson safety at the same time). The trigger is crisper than the original SIG Custom Shop.

I immediately noticed the new smoothness in racking the slide. With the same, full-power OEM recoil spring, the initial effort to pull the slide is perceptively easier. Imagine pushing a car from a dead stop. The hard part is getting it going, then it just rolls. Now imagine pushing the same car downhill – you get the idea. I am not weak or feeble, but I am smart enough not to work harder than needed!

First visit to the range for functional testing also confirmed your claims about felt recoil. It’s hard to quantify this (your Ransom Rest test does this better), but the QUALITY of the recoil was less “disturbing”. I wish I had done some before and after shot timer comparisons of splits, but I couldn’t wait to start the install! I’ve shot a 10mm ACP for years, so I am familiar with recoil control. Now that I’ve shot your Cammer Hammer in my .45, an upgrade to the 10mm is in the queue.

--T. S.



Thank you for the incredible customer service.  Your call backs on the weekend were unexpected, but greatly appreciated.  You answered all of my service and compatibility questions.

I installed just the Cammer Hammer months ago.  I found it to be the solution to my aging hands.  I was able to enjoy a "snappy" slide again.  Of course, reduced recoil is always a welcome attribute.  I've purchased another new 1911.  This time I've decided to install the complete ignition parts kit with the hammer in the new pistol and continue the ignition parts upgrade to the other.

I have and will continue to recommend your products to all of my fellow 1911 owners.

Thanks so much.

- R.S



New hammer performed perfectly. 50 rounds 230 gr. ball ammo. Better trigger pull, too. 5 lbs. vs 5 1/4. Excellent part and exemplary customer service. Thanks!




The hammer works perfectly.  I love the Cammer Hammer!  Thank you very much.  It’s everything you said it would be and MORE.

- K.L.



Just received the ignition Kit, man that was fast. Thank you for getting them here so quickly. The parts look great, can't wait to install them on my 1911. Again I apologize for any confusion or delays on my part. Thanks again for your great costumer service and products. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

- J.H.



Hello once again here. Talked to you a couple days or so ago about how much I Love the cammer hammer in my SR1911Cmdr. Saw it advertised in the back of my latest "HANDGUNNER" magazine. Just want to toss it back to you that I think I've had mine around a year now, somewhere around there. Still LOVE it! I don't know just how much it eases racking the slide on mine with Wilson Combat full length guide rod installed and 20 lb. recoil spring, "BUT" it sure does FEEL better for these 65+ year old arthritic fingers & hands!

- R.S.



Before I ever bought my Springfield 1911A1 Military Spec. I purchased two items, one  being the EFK Fire Dragon dual shock recoil rod with the 16 pound spring and the Cammer Hammer. I had  a gunsmith install the hammer and then I had fun installing the EFK. The EFK makes a 1911 look like a custom, but the Cammer Hammer out performs it. I removed the EFK and reinstalled my stock recoil rod & spring. Wow! what a difference it makes, hardly any flip. You must understand that I'm a over- weight handicapped veteran riding a mobility scooter and shooting at a indoor range. Veterans day there were two ex-military guys down a few lanes shooting at battleship target. I asked if they would like to shoot my 1911, one shot at the target. There are black dots about the size of a quarter  and shooting at 7 yards he hit three dots in a row dead center. He could not believe how well it shot and commented  that it could not be stock. I told the difference was the Cammer Hammer. When my 1911 was stock, I did good just to hit the Blue CHL target at 15 yards. Now I do head shots with no problem and that is at 15 yards. of course at 3 & 7 yards I can shoot the center out completely. Thanks for such a great a great product.

- D.S.



YES I Do LOVE it and it helps these old arthritic fingers in racking the slide also. Have a great week end and remember our Independence & how we got it.

- R.S.



Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your Cammer!  I am a middle aged, slightly built woman who is able, once again, to use my 1911 thanks to your making it possible for me to rack the slide.

- G.G.



Hi Bob, I just wanted to let you know that after modifying my Kimber 1911, using your new type hammer I was extremely pleased with the way the slide operated and the smoothness at which it operated.  It also allowed me to more easily hit the target using weak single hand grip. I will be getting another hammer for my other 1911. An excellent product,thank you very much.

- L.T. Auburn Cal.



Bob, thanks for installing your Cammer in my Colt Officers model. I took it out the next day for a shoot. My findings are a measurable reduction in muzzle rise and also a reduction in felt recoil.
Great product, will need one in my 5.


- B.O., LT. USMC



Bruce & Bob,

Installed the hammers on a custom 1911 Essex framed .45 ACP and a custom Mitchell framed Marvel .22. I was very surprised the difference the hammer installation made . The .22 has always exhibited sporadic ejection probably because of the wide variation of .22 ammo. Your hammer solved that problem nicely. The .45 is easier to rack the slide and ejects more consistently. Yes! I would recommend your hammer to any 1911 shooter. I am a gunsmith and the majority of ammo is reloaded.  You can use my comments for your hammer if you want. Again, Thanks for a well thought out and excellently executed product.

- Tom



Bob, I got the heat treating info, thank you. I was able to shoot with the cammer on thanksgiving, and it performed great. A very crisp break that combined with the lighter pull, made an enjoyable shoot. Now we were just goofing off on thanksgiving, but next time I can bring some paper and get an idea of accuracy. Thanks again.

- J.H. Colorado